Sales Tools

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A dynamic and engaging presentation tool, with superb, fast navigation via accordion panel and dropdown menu, showing slides, PDF’s (brochures, application notes, etc), images and videos, all in one place.

  • Create and save your own multimedia presentations
  • Slides
  • PDF files (brochures, application notes, etc)
  • Video, animation, 3D models
  • Image gallery
  • Send a copy to clients
  • One navigation platform (accordion panel and dropdown menu)


The perfect way to showcase your product. A product image with active hotspots to highlight key product features. Each hotspot can contain slideshows, images, brochures and videos/animations.


A personal and individual response to every client. From a large database, select any eight items and enclose them in an electronic folder, for your client’s attention.

  • Personalized cover letter
  • Active business card, linked to each salesperson’s email address and your website
  • Inserts (brochures, application notes, technical notes)
  • Video, animation, 3D models
  • Insert a quotation or report as pdf file
  • PC and iPad versions

This tool can be copied to any number of your colleagues, who can use it as many times as they wish.

Runs online, offline or as a downloaded app from the Apple App Store


This is the tool that your salesforce has been waiting for.

It’s a digital configurator that brings logical and simple flow, trapping and avoiding potential errors in even the most complex system configuration. It guides and advises all the way through to the right system configuration – so you know that you will meet every single requirement of every single client.


Make your product the centrepiece of your stand or booth, with a dynamic 3D animation for HD plasma screen.

Use the 3D image/animations everywhere through your activities:

  • Website
  • Salesforce
  • Conference presentations
  • Customer training
  • Brochures


A conventional photoshoot is time-consuming, expensive and can be out of date in the wink of an eye.

What do you get from photorealism?

  • Stunning detail
  • Feature highlights
  • Simple to change – keeps up with developments
  • No photoshoot required